Tuesday, September 27, 2016



David Hastings, was a part-time police officer in Bethal Heights, until he made some questionable posts on Facebook.



 This is the photo that Hastings claims was "retarded".


Not only is Hastings a dumbass, he is ignorant of the law. Arkansas Code Annotated 21-1-106 gives any citizen the right to observe and record public events.  That means anyone can record the police make an arrest or while they beat the crap out of someone.

Hastings' posts went viral and the Bethal Heights Police Department was inundated with complaints from all over the world.

Surprisingly, the Bethal Height Police Department fired Hastings and made the announcement on Facebook. Karma at its finest.

Bethal Heights Police Department spokeswoman Corporal Chastity Mahan told a reporter with KFSM-TV that "[The posts] completely caught me blindsided, because I would not see this with this officer." Cpl. Mahan, added,  "You cannot be discriminatory on Facebook, you cannot cause public alarm. When you work for the public, and are in the public view, you need to be careful of everything that comes out of your mouth. You are a public servant, and you just need to be careful."

A facebooker noticed that Hastings also worked at Steve Landers Scion and contacted them about Hastings viral posts.

The dealership told the facebooker that if Hastings wanted to keep his job with them, he would have to "get off Facebook".

We hope the Bethal Heights Police Department recommends that Hastings loose his law enforcement certification when they send the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards & Training ("CLEST") his F-4 form.




Here are documents we obtained from the Bethal Heights PD.  They did not recommend decertification so Hasting may show up at another department.