Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Troubled State Representative candidate Roderick Talley arrested for felony theft by receiving

Russ Racop
July 15, 2020

State Representative candidate Roderick Talley was arrested on July 11th for  Theft by Receiving, a Class D Felony.

According to records we obtained, the LRPD cops that arrested Talley are Joshua Myers and Katelin Flynn.

LRPD cop Joshua "Kade" Myers
LRPD cop Katelin Flynn

 We posted about mercenary cop Myers back in March 2019 on social media.

Talley posted about his latest legal problem on Facebook.

We sent a FOI request to the Department of Finance and Administration for records regarding Talley.

Back in February, Talley was found guilty of violating an Order of Protection.

In May, the Arkansas Ethic Commission found that Talley violated the law by taking campaign funds for personal income and failing to file campaign finance reports.

Talley also faces several felony charges in Cross County.

A felony conviction would bar Talley from holding any public office in Arkansas.


We obtained LRPD reports regarding the arrest.