Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Arkansas State Police identifies Trooper that shot and killed a Little Rock citizen

Sgt. Marcus Daniels - Arkansas State Police

Russ Racop
June 29, 2020

The Arkansas State police identified the Trooper that shot and killed a man over the weekend in Little Rock as Sgt. Marcus Daniels.

Trooper Daniels was the subject of a social media post of mine last month as he lied about raising a fist in the air at a protest at the state capitol when protestors shouted "fuck the police".

A State Trooper with the license plate "A9" was seen raising his fist in the air in support of protestors that were chanting "fuck the police" at the Arkansas State Capitol building on May 30, 2020. It was captured on a live stream video of a protestor.

Daniels was confronted about the raised fist incident and denied it was him.  Watch the video we live streamed on Facebook.


After I posted about the raised fist incident on social media, an individual that works at business that hires Daniels as an off-duty security contacted me.

The individual told me that Daniels said I photoshopped the photo of him raising his fist in the air.

I filed a complaint about the trooper lying about the raised fist incident and making defamatory statements.

If he will lie about raising his fist, he will lie about anything. Maybe even lie about a shooting incident. 

His credibility is called into question.

He is forever tainted as a liar.


BTW - We obtained photos of state troopers in 2018 after taking LRPD to court to get their officer photos.

We asked for the state police to provide photos of troopers hired after the last batch of photos was provided. 

They refused. 

We have a lawsuit filed against them and once the courts open back up they will be ordered to provide them.