Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lawsuit details sordid story of sexual harassment and retaliation at Benton PD that resulted in the victim being terminated after she filed complaints

The "Good Ole Boy" system is in full effect at the Benton Police Department

 Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group

 A recently filed lawsuit against the Benton Police Department reads like a movie script.


Benton PD detective Jamar Bennett supervised Alfiya Mills, a sophomore cop.

In 2018, they became involved in a illicit sexual affair.

Take a look at the complaint filed on August 27, 2021.


Another Benton cop that had observed Mills being harassed filed a report with Benton PD Internal Affairs. The "Good Ole Boy" system swung into action and stepped up the gaslighting of Mills.

The consistent harassment and abuse took its toll on Mills.

Her marriage ended in early 2020 and as a result of the "Good Ole Boy" system at Benton PD, she ultimately lost her job and her law enforcement credentials.

Apparently this isn't the only time Bennett had been shagging around.

In a divorce proceeding in 2014, his estranged wife stated he had been committing adultery for five years prior to her filing for divorce.

Even more troubling information has come to light about Bennett.

Back in 2002, when Bennett was an active duty airman, he was arrested and charged with two serious criminal offenses -  carrying an unlicensed weapon and false police credentials.

Police officers are given an immense amount of power and they play an integral role in maintaining the public's safety. Due to this power, a lot of people try and impersonate police officers. Police impersonators are dangerous and are often attempting to commit violent crimes.

A 2012 article in the American Journal of Criminal Justice noted that "Distinguishing between real and phony officers can be difficult, and impersonators present themselves in numerous manners and commit a wide variety of crimes. Impersonators do more than just pretend to be a law enforcement officer. At times, impersonators engage in serious and wide ranging crimes including robbery, rape, and homicide."

Police impersonation has also facilitated extortion and assault. Police impersonators often drive cars equipped with police-style emergency lights, wear police uniforms, and carry fake police badges. Some sexual predators have impersonated police in order to commit sexual abuse, harassment, and rape.

What was Bennett doing with fake police credentials?

Often individuals that use fake police credentials have a sociopathic personality.

Often those individual become police officers.

We sent the information about Bennett's troubling criminal use of fake police credentials to the Benton police chief and asked if that was known when he was hired.

Stay tuned for updates.


Courts have ruled that you can be too smart to be a cop.


Apparently, Bennett's IQ is not high enough to keep him off the Benton police department as evidenced by a comment he posted (and since deleted) our Facebook page.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

LRSD School Board President breaks campaign finance laws and records indicate she does not reside in zone she was elected to represent

LRSD School Board President Vicki Hatter

by Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group

Records obtained form the Pulaski County Assessor's Office indicate that Little Rock School District School Board President Vicki Hatter does not live in the zone she was elected to represent.

In 2020, Hatter ran for the Zone 6 position and her campaign filings listed her mailing address of P.O. Box 55573, Little Rock, AR 72215. 

That box is located at the U.S. Post Office on Kavanaugh in the Heights area of Little Rock.

Her residence was listed as 7820 West Capitol Avenue, Apt 411, on her voter registration.

If her voter registration was/is accurate, there is a post office much closer to that location (right around the corner on West Markham) than where that PO Box is located (Kavanaugh & Beechwood)

Hatter's residence from Voter Registration and nearest Post Office

Hatter's residence from Voter Registration & Post Office housing her PO Box

We asked Hatter about her residence. 

Se didn't respond.

Hatter also has some explaining to do about her accepting illegal campaign contributions and failing to adhere to the statutory reporting requirements. 

Hatter assists taxpayers and small businesses with taxes. Based on our observance of the reports she has submitted concerning her campaign finances, we wonder how often her client get audited. 

Those campaign filings are the subject of an investigation by the Arkansas Ethics Commission based on this complaint.

 At tonight's school board meeting, Hatter did not deny the assertion that she does not reside in the zone she was elected to represent.

We don't need individual's like Hatter in public office. She needs to resign immediately, for the good of the school district.


***UPDATE - 09/24/21***

We received an email from the LRSD superintendent Mike Poore this morning.



***UPDATE - 09/22/21 6:00PM***

We received official confirmation that the Arkansas Ethics Commission officially opened an investigation into Hatter's illegal activities.


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Little Rock Ward 6 City Director and admitted lawbreaker Doris Wright lies when responding to a FOI request and violates the law again


In 2018 Little Rock Ward 6 City Director Doris Wright admitted she violated Arkansas law when she accepted an illegal campaign contribution from a nightclub.


That complaint was filed by our own Ean Lee Bordeaux. 

Now the criminal Wright has violated Arkansas laws again by lying and claiming she had no posts on her social media accounts reflecting her elected position or city related business in response to a Freedom of Information request we recently sent to her.

That dear readers, is a damn lie and a violation of Arkansas law that could result in the criminal Wright being removed from office.

The criminal Wright has her Twitter account locked down but we here at Snarky Media, have the resources available to us that allow us to view her Twitter feed and obtain the evidence that she is lying and in willful violation of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, which is a criminal offense.

Here are some exhibits from the lawsuit that will soon be served on the criminal Wright by deputies from the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. 



No doubt other deputies from that agency will be interviewing her on the criminal complaint we will file and subsequently make with the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.

We have more to post about the criminal Wright in the coming days. Post about her trying to limit First Amendment Right of individuals like us here at Snarky Media.

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Sketchy substitutes at Little Rock public schools - LRSD administration sloughed off the blame

Russ Racop - Snarky Media Group - Little Rock, AR


Last week we exposed LRSD having the fired Pulaski County Special School District teacher, Karla Lasiter working as a substitute at Forest Park Elementary school. 

Lasiter's forcing a 5 year old Black student to scoop his own poop out of a toilet made headlines around the world earlier this year. 

You can check out our post from March about that by clicking here.

LRSD administration was quick to tell us that Lasiter was not an employee of the district, but would not accept responsibility that she was on campus of one of their schools and in direct contact with vulnerable LRSD students.

So it was no surprise today to learn that another LRSD substitute teacher, Precious Lyons, was in the news, this time for being in a knock-down-drag-out fight at Central High while being in possession of a handgun.



Lyons has a documented history of criminal offenses involving possession of controlled substances.


Lyon also has an open cases in Little Rock District Court that involve in part her driving on a suspended license


We asked LRSD if they had a list of banned individuals that gave to the WillSub, the staffing organization that provides substitutes for the district.

They said no.

We wondered if another former PCSSD teacher, Stephanie Almand, was substitute teaching in the district.


Almand is facing felony sexual assault charges regarding her sexual activity with a minor she taught. 

You can read our stories about her by clicking here, here and here.  

LRSD never responded to our question if Almand was substituting in a LRSD classroom. 


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Lonoke County Sheriff's Office files charges against a female detention employee

We were tipped off that a female Lonoke County Detention Deputy or employee was arrested earlier this week for sexually assaulting multiple female inmates and providing contraband items such as cellphones and drugs to inmates. 

To hide the arrest from online exposure (LCSO arrests and booking are posted online) the Sheriff had the city police do it.

We called the Lonoke police department and the cop that we spoke with stated he was not authorized to release her name. He said we would have to get that from the chief.

To cut to the chase, we sent the Lonoke Police chief, Matt Edwards,  a FOI request via a text message to his cellphone. 


This is an image of the full FOI request.



Why is the Lonoke Police Department unwilling to provide the name of the individual or immediately provide the booking records and mugshot?

It's all public information.

We suspect the Lonoke Police Chief won't be happy about the next several FOI requests we have planned to send.

Stay tuned for updates.


***UPDATE 08/21/21 - 5:05 PM***

We found out the name of the arrested jailer. It's Beth Norman. 


  Source say her cousin is the jail administrator, Kristie Flud. 

Back in July, Norman liked a post the Sheriff's office made about job openings for jailers and dispatchers.