Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Court file reveals text message contact betweem Maumelle High School teacher Stephanie Almand and her student victim

 Russ Racop - June 22, 2021


Records obtained from the Little Rock District Criminal Court provide a glimpse into the relationship between Maumelle High School Teacher Stephanie Almand and her student victim that we will only identify at this point by his initials, "HB".

Court records revealed that the two began an intimate relationship in February 2021 which turned sexual in April 2021.

Based on the LRPD report we believe that C1 and C2 are Brayden Yancey and Jerry Rudd.

The records also detail search warrants for Almand's cellphone (which she disconnected or changed the number) and residence. 

From the records it appears that Almand was getting rid of her dogs and some furniture. Perhaps the couch and pillows might have contained DNA of the victim, H.B. 

Almand's Love Shack on Perry Street.

Here are some other interesting bits of information that came out in the court files.

H.B. told detectives in an interview that Almand said she didn't like having relationships and sex with people her own age.