Thursday, July 9, 2020

Alexander cop Calvin Nicholas Salyers charged in homicide of fellow officer Scott Hutton

Alexander Arkansas cop Calvin Nicholas Salyers, a/k/a Nik Salyers arrested for Manslaughter
Russ Racop
July 9, 2020

According to the Arkansas State Police, Alexander Arkansas cop Calvin Nicholas Salyers, a/k/a Nik Slayers, turned himself in on Wednesday July 8th and was charged with and arrested/charged with manslaughter for the June 3rd homicide of fellow Alexander Police officer Scott Hutton.

Officer Salyer and some weed

Officer Salyers' victim, Officer Scott Hutton

The investigator from the Arkansas State Police and the individual that signed the affidavit for Slayers arrest was Ryan Jacks.
Ryan Jacks - Arkansas State Police

The judge that signed off on and approved the warrant for Slayers arrest was Judge Kenneth Casady.

Saline County Circuit Judge Kenneth Casady

The site of of homicide.

15458 Evergreen Drive, Bryant, AR

15458 Evergreen is owned by Carla Farmer.

A search of voter records from the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office came up with "no record found" for Slayers.

A check of records with the Saline County Assessor's Office found that Slayers had not re-assessed his personal vehicle.

15550 Evergreen in Bryant, AR is owned by Slayers' father and stepmother.

15550 Evergreen, Bryant, AR

The court records have an interesting statement from Alexander PD Training Officer Matt Wharton.

Officer Matt Wharton - Alexander Police Department

Slayers posted a $15,000.00 bond and was released.

According to a statement from the Alexander Police Department, Salyers was fired this morning.

Slayers has a criminal history involving illegal drugs.

 And of probation violations connected to his criminal conviction.

Stayed tuned for updates.