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Arkansas Insurance Department Investigator Curtis Briggs has documented issues with honesty and credibility and the agency that employs him as a criminal investigator knows it and does not make criminal suspects aware of that fact. 
In Brady v. Maryland (1963), the Supreme Court held that prosecutors have an affirmative duty to disclose all exculpatory evidence to the accused. Subsequent case law expanded Brady's obligations to law enforcement officers and defined exculpatory evidence as any evidence that could be favorable to the accused.

Briggs is a Brady Officer. Police officers who have been dishonest are sometimes referred to as "Brady cops." Because of the Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys whenever a law enforcement official involved in their case has a sustained record for knowingly lying in an official capacity.

What makes Brigg's a Brady Officer?  Glad you asked.

Back on July 15, 2008, when Briggs was supposed to be doing whatever he does and an investigator for the Insurance Department, he was observed by an undercover North Little Rock police officer in Burns Park acting in a very suspicious manner. The NLRPD frequently had/has undercover operations in Burns Park to interrupt and deter illegal activity.

Here's what the officer said in his report:

Briggs deceptively indicating that he was a Little Rock Police officer killing time trolling through Burns Park while waiting to execute a search warrant in Lonoke caused him to be accused of Criminal Impersonation.

It should have cost him his job with the Insurance Department and loss of his law enforcement certification.

According to credible sources, it was not Briggs first time to be caught in Burns Park acting in a suspicious manner.  It had happened when he was actually employed by the Little Rock Police Department and LRPD helped get him out of a tight spot.

From what we have been told the "tight spot" caused Briggs to resign from LRPD to avoid being let go.

What Briggs did back in 2006 is not the only time he has been deceptive and played loose and fast with the truth.

In his application for employment with the Arkansas Insurance Department in June 2002 Briggs makes mention of the fact that he is a "widower with two children".

Actually, Briggs was a divorcee (from 2nd wife) with two children from a previous marriage.

Wife number one did die in July 1994.  Brigg remarried a little over a year later.

 Alas, Curtis is unlucky in love and marriage #2 ended in divorce in 1999.

But Curtis likes to play up the fact that wife #1 died.  He did it on his state job application and with his church.

Brigg's likes to emphasize that his first wife died but he avoids mentioning that he got remarried just a year after her death.

Why does he do that?  Is it to play on unsuspecting individual's emotions so that they feel sorry for him?  We don't know for sure and Curtis has refused to answer questions we emailed to him.

Briggs was also involved in some shady activity in Memphis, TN when he was supposed to be in Mississippi at a work related conference in 2006.  

Late in the evening of March 28, 2006, Briggs was in a sketchy area of Memphis and was involved in an accident that totaled the state vehicle he was using for his "business" trip. According to the police report Briggs (driver 2 - "D2" of vehicle 2 - "V2") had been drinking.

The state insurance policy would not cover Brigg's medical expenses because he had no business being where he was when he was involved in an accident that totaled a state owned vehicle.

Briggs also likes to hang around children doing a magic act.

An advertisement on his webpage says you can trust him. Right.

One thing we do know for certain is that Briggs has no business working as a criminal investigator due to his lack of truthfulness and credibility.

If you feel the same, please contact the Arkansas Insurance Department and let them know.


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