Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Detention Deputy arrested and charged with stealing inmate information for identitiy fraud purposes


Earlier today we broke this story about Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Detention Deputy Ollie Mills being fired and arrested for stealing information of nine inmates, including social security numbers , for the purpose of using that information in financial identity fraud.

A press release was sent out at approximately 4:30pm today that detailed the incident.


Mills, 27, of Conway is being held in the Pulaski County jail without bond.

Mills in her PCSO uniform at a happier time

Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Cody Burk said the department received a tip about Mills collecting nine inmate's names and social security numbers prior to the arrest.

Mills had been employed at the detention facility less than a year, according to Burk, and she has been terminated from her employment at the sheriff's office.

According to Mills' Facebook page, her prior job was a nurses aid at a Little Rock rehab center.

Investigators have not been able to find fraudulent actions taken against the inmates, and the investigation is ongoing, the release said.

A search of court records reveals that Mills had a history of financial problems resulting in a lien being filed against her by the Department of Finance & Administration for non-payment of state income taxes.

And failure to pay rent when due which resulted in a judgment being obtained against her in the amount of $3,191.29.


Stay tuned for updates.