Friday, December 20, 2019

Arkansas State Police Trooper uses police resources to stalk a woman then is allowed to resign to keep records from public

ASP Trooper Mark Holland's before and after photos

The Arkansas State Police ("ASP") allowed one of their Troopers suspected of committing several criminal acts to resign, which shields their internal investigative files from public disclosure.

The Trooper, Mark Eugene Holland (54, of Heber Springs), was arrested on December 18th and was subsequently released after posting a $5,000 bond.

The ASP learned of Holland's criminal activity on December 13th when the victim filed a complaint with the independence County Sheriff's Office.

According to court records Trooper Holland had been harassing a female since January 2016 and had used law enforcement resources to track and stalk her.

The records reveal that Holland was infatuated with the female, who had worked at a gas station owned by his family.

Holland became irritated that the female did not respond to emails that he sent to her requesting photos and soliciting sex.

Holland used suggestive email addresses like "", "" to contact the victim.

Here is the affidavit for warrant of arrest of Holland. Holland is charged with twenty felony counts including Stalking, Terroristic Threatening (Eighteen counts of Misuse of the Arkansas Crime Information Center National Information Center; one count of Stalking Second Degree and one count of Terroristic Threatening).

The affidavit for the warrant was signed by ASP internal investigator Robert Middleton.

ASP Internal Investigator Robert Middleton

Here is the affidavit for Holland's arrest.

And his conditions of bond form.

Court dates had not been set at the time of publication.

Stay tuned for updates. 


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