Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Another Little Rock Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence

Little Rock Police officer Muhammad Yaqeen was arrested by his fellow employees for yet another incident of domestic violence involving a LRPD officer.

LRPD Officer Muhammed Yaqeen

The arrest/disposition report states that Yaqueen punched his wife during an argument and that LRPD officers observed injuries to her face and arms.

According to LRPD spokesman Eric Barnes, LRPD responded around 11:30 p.m. Monday December 23rd to a report of an assault/domestic disturbance.

Tiffany Yaqueen told officers she and her husband got into an argument, so she went outside to get in her car to leave.

Yaqueen followed, Mrs. Yaqueen told police, and while he was standing outside the car, he dropped his phone. She said she tried to pick it up and Muhammad began “struggling” to take it back, according to the report.

She said he then punched her in the side of the head. Officers observed blood on her left ear and swelling under her left eye.

Muhammad Yaqeen told officers a different explanation of what happened. He said he was outside the car when his wife “snatched” the phone out of his hand. He said he tried to reach into the car to get it, and his wife punched him in the eye.

Yaqueen said he then punched his wife in self-defense. Officers reported that they observed a bruise under Muhammad Yaqeen’s left eye.

Officers took possession of Muhmmad Yaqeen’s service weapon, as well as his badge and identification.

The couple was further interviewed, according to the report, and police arrested Muhammad Yaqeen.

Yaqueen's only prior disciplinary record that is releasable to the public is from 2017 and involves and incident were he damaged a police cruiser when a shotgun discharged inside the vehicle and caught a one day suspension.

Yaqueen has been relieved of duty and an internal investigation is underway and he remained in jail at the time of publication. He is set to appear in Little Rock District Court for a plea and arraignment hearing on December 30th at 8:30 am.

Back in October another LRPD officer, Jonathan Walker,  was involved in a domestic violence incident.

Walker and his baby mama, Katina "Pug" Jones, a fired former LRPD recruit (more on that later) got into it.

Our FOI request for additional records, including video and audio recordings from the Walker/Jone incident were denied due on-going investigations.

Jones and 2 other recruits were fired for questionable social media posts.

We made that story famous back in 2017. Click here for our initial  post.

Here is what the Arkansas Times reported:

No telling how many turds that particular recruit school will turn out.

We also reported on two other LRPD officer involved in a domestic violence incidents earlier this year. You can read that post by clicking here.

Officer Ahmed "Jack" Soliman was ultimately fired. However Officer Terry McDaniel lucked out when his baby mama refused to cooperate and go through with a criminal complaint as child support trumped getting abused.

Nationally, police officer domestic violence is a serious problem. One that is often swept under the rug by law enforcement agencies.

Source: https://kutv.com/news/local/40-of-police-officer-families-experience-domestic-violence-study-says

Source: https://theappeal.org/when-police-violence-is-domestic-violence/


One of our followers sent us a full frontal nude photo of Yaqeen that he allegedly sent his mistress. Maybe this is what caused the argument with his wife.

LRPD Officer Yaqeen showing what little he has to offer

This type of behavior reflects very poorly on the Little Rock Police Department
and needs to be addressed by LRPD command staff.

If they had balls they would fire his sorry, wife-beating ass ASAP.

We asked Chief Humphrey about the arrest and photo and his response was "No comment".

Stay tuned for updates on the Yaqueen and Walker investigations.