Friday, March 19, 2021

DFA Security Supervisor Juanita Shermo resigns while under investigation

Juanita Shermo resigned after complaint was made by our organization

 Russ Racop - March 19, 2021


Earlier this month we received information from a confidential source that Juanita Shermo, Security Supervisor at the Department of Finance & Administration ("DFA") and a certified law enforcement officer, had misused her position and access to secure records to assist an individual find a birth parent. 



So we reached out to DFA and Shermo for comments. DFA responded but Shermo ghosted us.

Scott Hardin, Communications Director for DHS responded.

Apparently the information provided to us was correct as Shermo did what corrupt, guilty cops do when caught breaking the rules or law, resign before they get fired.

By resigning, any investigative file usually does not become a public record because resulting actions did not result in a suspension or termination.

We made the complaint on March 9th and Shermo resigned on March 12th.

Hardin advised us today that she was no longer employed at DFA.


Shermo received a payout of almost $7,000.00 for unused leave.


Shermo was once an Enforcement Agent and Assistant Director for DFA's Alcoholic Beverage Control.  



Shermo's use of confidential records for personal gains of benefit of herself or another individual violates several state laws and DFA should ask the Commission on Law Enforcement Standard & Training to de-certify her as a law enforcement officer in the State of Arkansas.

Stay tuned for updates as we have requested copies of her emails for the previous three years and other records.


Shermo, age 53 (DOB: 9/20/1967)  lives in Sherwood.